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Screen, Orchid on an abstract background

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A screen as an original and necessary interior element Even the most sophisticated interior sometimes wants to be changed. And for this, large investments and a revolutionary approach are completely optional. It is enough to bring one single fresh element into the space to make it play in a new way. This is not about some ultra-modern gadgets, but about the good old screen. Thanks to this unique thing, you can not only place new accents in the room, but also comfortably zone its space. Modern screens are able to give the room a special aura and, at the same time, solve practical problems: create a cozy sleeping area, limit the working space, determine a secluded place for trying on and changing clothes. You can order a screen quickly and easily in our online store. To do this, you must decide on the number of sections and select the image you like. The screen itself consists of sections, the size of one section is (W) 45 x (H) 170 cm, the number of sections can be 3, 4, 5, 7 sections. The site offers several options for screen sizes: 3 Sections - 135 cm x 170 cm 4 Sections - 180 cm x 170 cm 5 Sections - 225 cm x 170 cm 7 Sections - 315 x 170 cm


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