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Wall Clocks, Glass Clock, Illusion of Deception

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Circle Clock is symbol of infinity and perfection. Modern style, which is an wonderful Home Décor Element that will transform your interior into a more elegant one.
The colors are chosen in such a way that they do not overload your interior and your eyes do not get tired of admiring them.
It is not only clock but also a beautiful decoration for your living room, room or even office. It is a perfect idea for a gift.

They are made of Organic/Acrylic Glass. Which does not contain any lead or arsenic. This material is Ecological and :
- Resitance to High impact
- High optical clarity
- Innate weatherability and UV resistance
- Excellent dimensional stability
- Lightweight
- Excellent chemical resistance
This exclusive fabric is very welcome in interior design through high decorative value.

The inks are HP Eco Latex inks- So we are ECO-FRIENDLY
This clock with mute core will not disturb you while working, studying or sleeping
Hands: Metal (Black, Silver and Gold)
The edge are wrapped with gold stripe
-It includes 1 AA battery

Your clock will be packed as securely as possible so that it arrives safe and sound to you


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